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Welcome to Shenandoahpottery.com

Historic Shenandoah Valley supported one of the largest early American pottery traditions in the United States. Shenandoah Valley pottery production encompassed the time period of 1750-1934. More than 350 historic potters were involved in this heritage. As a tradition it was thrown and then baked in the kiln of, primarily German, and also English, potter's production influences. Antique collectors of today are well aware of this past tradition and have become very energetic in acquiring such artifacts. American traditional collecting has, as is most often the case, through a desire to own pottery of the Shenandoah region, brought about a value level that in many cases could be construed as excessive.

Our Mission

In today's active market one encounters many factitious and reproduced items sporting a "real Shenandoah" label. Often those who offer spurious items are unaware of the item's authenticity. However, some misguided individuals will, considering today's pottery price levels, purposely and with out honor contrive and/or produce or market items, often factitiously marked, primarily with the objective of deception.

With the advent of today's Internet sites such as Ebay and other such entities, they after all are only hosting venues, the possibility of encountering good as well as factitious American pottery items has become a daily occurrence. It therefor behoves all collectors, students, and dealers to spend time and effort in research.

It will be the purpose of this web site, www.ShenandoahPottery.com, to support collectors, students, museums, and dealers, etc. in their quest to acquire knowledge encompassing this great American tradition, pottery of the Shenandoah region. All published documents, exhibited here, of authenticity or historic content will be source vetted. This site promises that its information will be shrouded in knowledge and truth. This site will also attempt to bring to the user's attention those items, when known, lacking "authentic period" existence.

Our Website

This web site will often change from day to day, or at least on occasion. However, you are invited to be a participant in our growth. Our staff is small, therefor, answers to your inquiries could be slow. We invite questions, photographs, collection reports, pottery items of family interest, and questions of rarity. We may also be able to find you a market for any pottery that you may wish to de-access, in most cases suggesting a collector for you. Many users will know that photographs often do not answer questions of authenticity and repair.

We will not be able to provide appraisals, however we can sometimes suggest appraisers.

This site will also attempt to keep you abreast of other sites, sales, exhibits, collections, books, published articles and other information concerning Shenandoah pottery.

Our email address: info@shenandoahpottery.com . You are always welcome.


Shenandoah Pottery: America's most beautiful antique folk pottery.

A special thanks to Dr. James V L Kiser for providing much of the scenery photography.

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